Sunday, January 28, 2018

poetry ands tory inn fridays week 12

happy birthday to Thursday Poets Rally 1/14/2010 to 1/14/2018 


short story slam week 82, January 25 2018----February 11, 2018.. 

  Image result for university of oklahoma  

   Jim Reese
Mr. Tucker Link   Tucker Link

   Trudy Milner


paul Sund, Mick Cornett, Mary Fallin, Brad Henry,  

sweet cheese
a mouse won't lick
but watch

aloud and proud
thunder stormy wind
the cheers is as high as cloud

giant pandas
north face meets southern bell
At & T and T-Mobile, wow,

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

how poetry makes us stronger human

Thursday Poets Rally Week 85, Discover your poetic peers by traveling to New Orleans, visiting Tulane University, and Loyola University



color my day orange
making me a sunflower
which is my wish
so that you write a bright poem
while a poem speaks
we travel along
with leg room from United Airlines

Happy 2018,
have fun to your personal agenda on poetry and poetry publishing
through wordpress. com and blogger . com

Friday, October 13, 2017

poetry and story inn fridays week 4

newcomb tulane college
profound faculty sing Lyrics
none of them wonder why white water bay is crowded then

far east Taiwan
southern west Guangdong
west coast New Mexico
Susan Martinez and Ann rossi make friends