Sunday, January 13, 2019

poetry picnic week 48, poets rally week 89, short story slam week 106

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Image result for hyde park poetry  a sample poetry award from poets rally week 60
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Hyde Park Poetry Thursday Poets Rally Week 89, Pittsburg, Detroit, Frankford, Orlando, Lawrence, New York, Silicon Valley, etc.
why annapolis montuwa at story well?
why peter and lucinda at lulu dot com?
why john and benny at amazon dot com?
why ann darr and k. d. hurley at ebay?

a silly frog
it jumps out of the deep stone well
it croaks hard near casino Venetian, Sands, and Jimei
it sings melody over Jennifer Lin, Laura Ingalls Wilder..

the trip is endless
the benefit is obivious
we dance a lot
not agreeing to confront a few sailors who often stop by pearl harbor shore

Thursday, December 13, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 34..short story slam week 103

huang xiaojun, shuai jiajing,
two or one?
who is that joyce huang and frank mcleod?

shuai jialiang, bailey thompson,
peng qunhua, peng huaping, guo xiaofeng,
which one supports John F. Kennedy and Drew Faust?

while everyone seems doing fine
Anderson Cooper, Shawn Bird, Jackie Cooper, they come,
Li Guan, Jerry Yang, Jack Cheng, Steven Cheng, Sijue Wu,

why do they resign from Kay Ryan,
group theory could be insane
a police could pop up bubbles through Charles Simic and James Polk

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

poets rally week 87

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Image result for hyde park poetry  Illinois Poets

Alexia Dell, she minds us
she often dreams of Tulane, or Mit
yet, she sits near Arkansas,
doing lots of biking

Taryn Price, Trent Passmore,
Matt Robbins, Leigha Layton,
they visit Perry,
they let Xi Mingze and Yun Yi rise

Thursday, November 8, 2018

short story slam week 102

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Kunming Rock wood, called :Shilin"...which represents an attraction
in Yunnan province,

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winsome moments
unforgetable past
ups and downs
she is sweet there

rutherford hayes, 
chester arthur
kathy walker
morton schapiro

friends and foes
politicians and opponents
they all write poetry for sure
we do read matthew, lin yan, mimi, augustine washington