Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michelle Obama: The Lady Serenity

Born on January 17, Black!
Nicknamed "Miche",
"Meesh" skipped second grade,
She preferred Easy-Bake Oven,
She calls him "My Rock",
and works very hard
to promote healthy diets,
her foci are elementary students,
Lawyer is her profession
at the first place,
Becoming first lady carrying serenity
brings her lots of joy
as a genuine celebrity.

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Taylor Boomer said...


love to see this,
keep it up.

kez said...

cool a fan I take it ! lovely tribute thank you for sharing x x

rch said...

A nice honor written with passion, enjoyed!

Aya Wilson said...


Elizena said...

Very nice! I can tell that you really think a lot of Mrs. Obama. I enjoyed reading your tribute to her. Be blessed.

Chèvrefeuille said...

Nice poem. Lovely read.

Andy said...

Nice tribute to a very talented & beautiful woman.
Thanks for sharing.

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