Friday, March 30, 2012

To A Sixth Grade English Teacher: Your Encouragement Is Valued!

Growing up, Jingle never heard
of language different than
Chinese Mandarin, then one day,
Someone mentioned Tangshan Earthquake,
she learned that the world was larger than
what she saw, and there were things
beyond human sixth grade,
English language class was open,
she was excited to know the existence
of America and England....

Image Credit:, on English class and the world beyond one's physical versions...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mississippi = Missy + Sina + Brad Pitt

Mississippi river is well known,
City Jackson is the capital
of state Mississippi, which is
an interesting name to remember,
Jingle and her family used to drive
to Tennessee state, passing
Mississippi state and Mississippi
river, cars loaded on ships are
shipped from Mississippi to Hawaii,
civil war was fought there
a hundred years ago.

Image Credit: Mississippi

Michigan = Mish + Kenn Gann

Michigan is a state that was introduced
to Jingle by a faculty at math department,
later, a Chinese couple from Stillwater
moved there, saying that the living costs
are almost five times higher than that
in Stillwater, Jingle has never been in
Michigan state, but lake Michigan
connecting Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana,
and Michigan is great.


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Sunday, March 25, 2012 Microsoft's Portal That Offers Grand Online Services!

As MicroSoft's portal, is a collection
of Internet sites and services offering
news, sports, money, games, videos,
entertainments, weather reports, hot mail services,
or celebrity gossips. The Microsoft Network
debuted as a service provider
on August 24, 1995, to coincide with the
release of the Windows 95 operating system.
Jingle enjoys it favorably.

 Image Credit:, on MSN news, sports, and hot  mail services...

Chinese YueJu and BeiJing Opera Are Jingle's Favorites...Enjoy!

Born in China, growing up reading,
listening to, and watching Chinese
folktales, fairy tales, or famous
poetry and stories via media sources,
Jingle loves Chinese cultures, especially
Chinese Operas: Chinese YueJu and Beijing
Opera stand out for its well known traditions,
dazzling customs, and inspiring themes...
Today, Jingle shares three links
via You Tube, enjoy!

Chinese YueJu on Wedding Night

by Shengshou Li, he asks her permission to visit his mother…

Beijing Opera on Baochuan Wang: (watch it by clicking on the link below)

 Image Credit:, You Tube, on Chinese opera, Chinese YueJu... ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bristo Palin: The Princess of Love and Bravery!

Bristo Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin,
love her bravery in becoming a single Mom,
at times, the cherishing of life
is more important than reputations,
glad that she has been honest,
and decided to give birth to her child.
So thrilled that she went to Hollywood,
and got featured many times
for simply being herself.

Image Credit:, Bristo Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yingcong Tan: A Special Gift In Friendship To Remember

Image Credit: Deborah Schmidly..Yingcong Tan and her son Kong...

Yingcong Tan and Jingle each had a son
going to Bryker Woods Elementary
in Austin, 1998 when they first met,
Tan's profession in Beijing is modeling,
she enjoys cooking delicious food to share
and gives Tom very special attention,
They wrote each other after Jingle left Texas.
She remembered to send gift for Tom's birthday...