Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chinese YueJu and BeiJing Opera Are Jingle's Favorites...Enjoy!

Born in China, growing up reading,
listening to, and watching Chinese
folktales, fairy tales, or famous
poetry and stories via media sources,
Jingle loves Chinese cultures, especially
Chinese Operas: Chinese YueJu and Beijing
Opera stand out for its well known traditions,
dazzling customs, and inspiring themes...
Today, Jingle shares three links
via You Tube, enjoy!

Chinese YueJu on Wedding Night

by Shengshou Li, he asks her permission to visit his mother…

Beijing Opera on Baochuan Wang: (watch it by clicking on the link below)

 Image Credit:, You Tube, on Chinese opera, Chinese YueJu... ;)

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Deborah David Schmidly said...

hope that you enjoy the operas.