Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daybreak (For Mid-July Prompts)

 Image Credit: Meredith Storm

Three Word Wednesday: 3WW CCLXXX

On the images of July orchards of clouds,
Just as the sun is about
to be replaced by glittering stars,
Limitless space differs,
Daydreams rain like bitterish grapes,
All the planets creep
and rattle before
they increase their receptivity
to gravity to halt all at once,
High speed planes cut through
and ride above puffy snow mountain
first, then they cruise
at a constant pace
of 548 km per hour,
at height of 37,000 km...
Lights off for relaxing,
Black hot tea is served for movie watchers,
As the red sunset fades in the west,
Playful stars wink friendly
until daybreak.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Thief of Money Vs The Thief of Hearts...(Birthday Wishes for Someone Special)

In the subway at Sinhigh city,
A wallet of wealth like a deck of cards
Are shuffled by a pair of hands, sweaty…
The desire to have money without labor
does the trick, up to 30 of 100 dollar bills fly out,
someone else grief to the greed of thief.
This reminds me of the thief of love,
The hands keep moving, here or there,
With eyes browsing the targets’ handbags…

Image Credit: Google.com