Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Thief of Money Vs The Thief of Hearts...(Birthday Wishes for Someone Special)

In the subway at Sinhigh city,
A wallet of wealth like a deck of cards
Are shuffled by a pair of hands, sweaty…
The desire to have money without labor
does the trick, up to 30 of 100 dollar bills fly out,
someone else grief to the greed of thief.
This reminds me of the thief of love,
The hands keep moving, here or there,
With eyes browsing the targets’ handbags…

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Terri Kimberly Schmidly said...

losing some cash doesn't hurt much,

losing a lover hurts.
the thief is the worst case to know.

Belinda Toni Burke said...

sorry for the misfortune.