Friday, August 31, 2012

December: The Juicy and Sweet Chamber!

This is the high point time,
The moments of celebration,
The glory of holy Christ,
along with the innocence of snowy glow,
and the unexpected outcomes
I never wish to know.
I have becoming sensitive here,
No past promises to be broken,
No future sentiments to be spoken,
But a year's lessons to remember,
The charming moments to be written in next chapter,
and time freezes, precious bond in a small manner.

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Thursday Rally gives me this special award, I indeed feel honored, and take it today, sorry for being lazy and not working the best, but thanks, I humbly nominate  Raivenne-lations to be week 72 winner....Happy Rally.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Octave (Poetry Form of 8 Lines) On My Hubby and Me

What through the night injects insurance?
The lovers in bedroom are soaking love,
The stars are witness that
this connection is woven by Lor-D in Heaven,
If there is an argument to stir
the mid-night's presence, it asks no release,
Thus one that is raged, one that is restless and blind,
is entitled to let the beautiful sky dance.

Image Credit:, poetry form on Octave

Saturday, August 11, 2012

House Fear

Yeah, I'm telling you some truth,
In the dark when you have a nightmare
about some forceful cases you lose,
and many people you love or care,
In such a remote house you reside,
where lights are off and bills kill your pride,
I prefer to move far away,
so that I escape a relationship as a prey,
options are open but it's hard to fight,
There is always wounds in each plight,
I learn to have my house lights on
if I'm left alone, until dawn.
I think clearly after two cups of coffee,
How admirable, considering of that Audie Murphy.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Thumb Tactics (For Funny Bunny Fridays Week 11 and SSS W24)

It's hard to tell who is really dumb,
I would say, using "rule of thumb",
If it's confusing or odd of meaning,
Then, I feel like that I'm leaning.
A thumb can make one giggle or cry,
Thumbs up, thumbs down, give it a try,
Thumbs are for holding your pen,
Some thumbs function like a chicken.
Thumb tricks are various,
Learn more if you're curious,
This "rule of thumb" could be a fool,
I like playing with words, as a rule.

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