Saturday, August 11, 2012

House Fear

Yeah, I'm telling you some truth,
In the dark when you have a nightmare
about some forceful cases you lose,
and many people you love or care,
In such a remote house you reside,
where lights are off and bills kill your pride,
I prefer to move far away,
so that I escape a relationship as a prey,
options are open but it's hard to fight,
There is always wounds in each plight,
I learn to have my house lights on
if I'm left alone, until dawn.
I think clearly after two cups of coffee,
How admirable, considering of that Audie Murphy.

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Terri Kimberly Schmidly said...

some random thoughts shared here.

Riika Shawn Henry said...

a honest write.

well done.

NefariousX said...

I found your poem interesting. Even within fragments there is picture drawn, and sentiment formed. Good job.

Taylor Kong Boomer said...

rare and great imagery.

The Poetry Palace said...

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it has been a pleasure to have you shine like a star around us... ;)