Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ambitions And Arguments on The Fishing Island (Is Voting Possible?)

Judy Underwood, chasing Rainbow

Thursday Flash Fiction Week 28: Innocence and Dreams

A small island in the East China Sea Ocean,
A space above the water, solid and vital,
One considers it as one's own
because it will be a life boat
in case troubles stir up or something goes wrong.
None wants to give up this island of fishing,
None agrees to the other party's claims,
Tensions smolder and transform into a fire,
One side officially makes a move for ownership,
The other side sends forces in to interrupt the settlement.
Both are correct and both are wrong,
Focus on what benefits both sides more,
It costs to come to a satisfying conclusion,
when none of them agrees to calm down
and negotiate the potentially agreeable decision. images


Terri Kimberly Schmidly said...

hope for peace on this.

Justin Penter Wood said...

good luck to the fighters.

Morton Monica Evans said...

wow, powerful.

Sarah Glenwool Bush said...


Belinda Williamson Bona said...

bless both sides.

Silverfox Goldwolf Jolie said...

incredible sentiments,

stop the war psyche, think of people, not your selfish power, then the world is better place.

Iremonger Doorbell Pickens said...

It seems like the island belongs to China, it is located at East China Sea!

Minn AlFrederick Romney said...

powerful memo.

Iris Huswiferyman Murphy said...

a balanced post, well done!

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...

too sad that people get lost at times,
in terms of greed or self-worth.

Anonymous said...

tough issue,


India Monitor Watson said...

prayers for peace.

Nancy Perazil Federle said...

handsome points made.