Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer time to have fun by Kristina Wolverton Riggs


Summer is the fun time when get go swimming
Summer when I was born and took care of
Summer when July 4 comes around
every year
Summer is when you can lay out in sun
Summer is best time at night see
stars out
Summer when all families and friends
go to park with their kids
Summer is good time take animals
for a walk
Summer is good time of the season
plant flowers and stuff
Summer when I meet good friends online
that lives another state then we do
Summer is when I meet good guy to
talk to about anything I want and he lists
to me
Summer is when my birthday comes around
Summer when my mom birthday comes around
Summer is day I went swimming with my best friend
this year
Summer is when Amber birthday is
Summer is time of the year have cook out with friends
and your family.
Summer is good time year to have good time and swimming
and party and just have fun with everyone


Kimberly Deborah Schmidly said...


Taylor Kong Boomer said...

tan tan yuan yuan = perfect reunion,

lao = celebrate =qing zhu when it follows tan tan yuan yuan.

Alissa Daimakepeace Schapiro said...


Anonymous said...

love it.

Rachel Collegewood Schapiro said...

lovely moto.

Jacobin Rosellash Korbetis said...

bless all.

Tifiny ishare Moon said...

fireworks =yan huo,
fire =huo,


fire =yan=huo=works=smoke

George Damon Trajcevski said...


Monica Owenyap Evans said...