Thursday, November 7, 2013

Because Of You...I Am More by Joe Fazio


Never a fruit, or treat or delight, held the
sweetness of your lips, that I hunger always to kiss.

When I sleep, from a foggy haze, a light appears,
as you come to me, in lands of dreams.

When the morning birds, do sing their songs,
you slide down a ray of sunshine and touch
my wanting lips.

In every note, of every song, you voice is a never ending melody.

The flowers, hold your beauty and
the haunting scent of who you are.

In the magic of a summers night, the
moon is all aglow, and everything
reminds me, of

As the wind plays the violin, through
trees and leaves above, that too, reminds
me, of you, my one and only love.

In all the good, in all of life, in every where
and everything...bring forth, the thoughts of you.

Without you...there me.