Friday, March 28, 2014

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       Shengwu Industry Co., Ltd, is the hi-tech enterprise integrated with research, production and trading, devoting all the way to domestic and intelligent development of electric equipment for construction, and well known in China. The company established in 1984, the head office located at Wengyang North zone, Yueqing, city, Zhejiang province, occupied 22000 sq.m area, the building area more than 13800 sq.m, its registier capital is RMB 50.18 million Yuan, and the staff more 170 persons, including 32 super technicians. Also the company has held nine branch companies that they locate at Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shengyang, Hubei, Anhui and etc respectively, whose total registered capital is RMB 0ne hundred fifty million Yuan, the whole staff more than 500 persons, 90 echnicians, total capital more than RMB two hundred Million Yuan.
       The main products include: wire and cables, prefabricated branch cable, flexible flameproof cable, intelligent flameproof monitoring device for cable, electric fire monitoring system, wire laid device on ground, network floor, illuminating busbar slot, fire
emergency lamp, high voltage cable box, three phase emergency power supply EPS, intelligent system for
small living zone, infrared warming device and etc. prefabricated branch cable, wire laid device on ground
and network floor are the state graded new products, prefabricated branch cable and intelligent flameproof monitoring device for cable are classified as State Torch Planned Items, Province new products, and
prefabricated branch cable is appraised as Wenzhou Famous Product.
      Our company had been certified as State Middle-scaled enterprise in 1996, and appraised as Zhejiang Hi-tech enterprise in 2000, is the three-perfect enterprise and the patented model enterprise in Zhejiang, AA grade credit enterprise, AAA grade credit
enterprise in Agricultural bank, AAA grade VAT credit enterprise, the member of firefight bureau of security department, the member of the Technical Standardization Committee of China Electric engineering, AAA grade enterprise of customer satisfactory degree in the field of wire and cable, China AAA grade quality trust enterprise. The president, Mr Yang Shengwu, is the vice chairman of Economic research institute of Zhejiang private companies, Committeeman of the Technical Standardization Committee, academician of world productivity science institute, ever awarded as the Top 10 journal persons in National villages and towns Enterprises, National villages and towns entrepreneur and etc.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Super Star by Ray Hansell


They said he was an icon
A super star to many
All said he was famous
His songs, there were planty

He played before millions
He played for just a few
No matter how many people
He always got a great review

When the news had broken
That he had passed away
To fans he never knew
It was their saddest day

No one could have imagined
Just how much he was loved
I'm sure he's still preforming
On a stage up above