Thursday, April 3, 2014

Conyer's Crafting Nutrition

Concrete and wondrous,
Creative and considerate,
We shee Conyers a merry place
with police sheriff keeping watchful eyes.
Atlanta, Conyers, Brandon, Florence, glittering showcase.

Simple knots crafting,
EZ mark bookmarks Inc.,
Assemble companies fulfill P. O. Boxes,
Yankee, Schapiro, Bollag, Holm production are fascinating.

Kay, Teri, Blake, Marc, Jackson, Hargis, Johnson, Walsh,
Ryan, Marcus, Hans, Barlow, Herzig, Hager, Henneberry, and Bush,
Georgia technology university thrives
While Rockdale Payne county stretches,
Conyers=Constantin+Tony Awards+John Robert Myers+Zachary Mayer+NYU+Lakers

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