Sunday, February 22, 2015


words of evil words of spring
they land on the same being.
well, why shall we stand tall?
We'll reconstruct our logic from our past
and we'll have international forecast.
then what shall we do after?
then we will get sun-burnt,
Go on radiating underwood's Flamboyant.
what do we get in the end?
we hyberate
and celebrate
with wandering mind open,
and eternal beliefs soften
Underwood is booked
The rice is cooked.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cover my eyes

Cover my eyes, and I can still see you,
Slam my ears, and I can hear you yet,
Without moving my feet, I can go to you,
without speaking, I can conjure you at will,
Take me away, I shall remote control you,
and take hold of your heart,
Ignore my need, my wish rings as true,
and if you trash this being of mine,
then I shall still live in you
and feel fine.

The perfect poet award, for week 80, which gives me energy to continue support poetry and poetry rally.  for week 81 perfect poet award ceremony, I nominate elizena   and

for considerations.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Deferred Silence


At times
we're too full
to react on
actions instantly,
Deferred silence
follows some delayed
when a car
is hit by
an on coming
the witness
needs a few
to analize
the accident
and call police
for help
to handle the
the interval
is like
to random
or aftershock..

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