Sunday, December 6, 2015

oyo, osu, norman north high school and nancy o'brian performing arts

from north east stillwater
to norman north high school,
that's a S shape drive

as Mailman has done,
Larry, Eric, and Burns are fine
with lots of Rock Well music fans

the way people think of oyo,
the name with Nancy O'Brian,
all echo "Festival" to Mo YAN AND Stephan Wilson

David Henneberry meets Timmon Passmore,
Shadi and James praise Michael and Christina,
friends gather to enjoy red wine

Heather Lanners always remain silent,
Thomas Menino regrets his desire from Boston city news,
Cape Ann, tom Bradley, and Shez Woodrow grin for cheers

a long ride,
Mr. Pho and Ms. Lee Denney,
together with Mary, Henry, Kim, Sammy singing for Qiuhua Yu.

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