Saturday, December 24, 2016

short story slam week 59, thoughts from Maryland

it seems like Melinda Mao has sweet time
with University of Washington, Seattle

when sister of John Chamber does her analysis,
we are reminded of Bing Ji, Judy Wang, Mark Zurkerberg

a small man could carry a big heart,
that is what we know about Ben FRancisco, Barron Trump, and Sid Hudson

big and foggy day here
my view is blurred by watery air

I snatch a piece of paper
and begin to scan on honor list

Bret Damilowiez, Mason Cole, Carol Bennett, Chris Shrock, Sundai Pichar,
Alison Wu, Willa Xie, Charles Zhang, Pedro Lozano De Aos, Joseph Kingery

some voice rise from West Virginia
I love to see Theresa Burke and Emily Dial grow favor to David Bowie and Ava Cherry

so, Maddyson Allgood, Andrew Aslip. Scott Watson, Kathy Wilson fight for a spot,
how about sitting near Saint Louis Arch, watching the sky tower drawing a dot?

Samrufz Hillford is strong,
so does Gabe Mugroofsz....

Nadia Sirajuddin, Yaseen Shurbaji, Tresten Pope, Rynel Luo, and Tom L Wu fly west,
the carbin of Wisdom Vacuum closes its eyes

never blame George Bush, Ivana Huang, Victor Page, Qun E Yang, or Gong Xiao,
don't seek extra energy with Tang Jinjing, Dylan Huges, Connie Liu, Zhang Xuezhi

the noon arrives
the words refuse to vomit more smoke

I hope to see sunset alone
so that I am free from the arguments among

Hu Zhiwen, Liu Xifan, Wang Daxue, Cheng Changsheng, Zhang Zhongbing, Yin Bing,
some of them rise higher to know Fu Zhixiong, Zhu Qun E, Dai Wangbing, and Feng Shui E

Sunday, November 27, 2016


when we walk down west end street,
there are many folks, housing relatives alike,
piggly wriggly,
law office of donald zuckendelle
exxon fuel tiger market
we stop by Parena, eating some soup,
warm emotion runs up
we breathe,
we get on Greek museum and
take a look at James FyKe,
hearing Mary Fallin, and Thomas Perez,
knowing Vanderbilt University David Wilson Hall,
then, after lunch near Granny White street,
we climb Arkansas mountain
and exam trees, along Pinnacle trail

after four days,  Huang Rong
and Wu Wenhui join for a meeting,
discovering Zhu Taozhi, or Mary Fallin
who controls Eggyt market,
selling Shell, Murphy oil to Indianna,
claiming Samantha Jiwa Murphy as promising,
and we enjoy Green Hills and Goozy snack
buying a plate og hot deli from whole food market
and dining at Wendy's, Subway, McDonald's, Waffler,
and feeling satisfied
before we arrive North Little Rock,
fueling at Citgo, Shell, SinClair, Kum and Go, Quirk stop,
we eat more snacks from Extended Stay Amerca hotel

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Image result for kentucky   

Image result for angry bird game  

Image result for angry bird game 

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Image result for cut the rope 

Image result for cut the rope 
Image result for cut the rope

Sunday, November 6, 2016

short story slam week 56, 57, passport, university, education, and friendships

Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 Image result for nagoya university        
Image result for nagoya university 

Image result for california institute of technology
Image result for california institute of technology 

Image result for beijing university of post and telecommunications  
Image result for beijing university of post and telecommunications                          

Image result for beijing university of post and telecommunications  

from Fang Zhouzi and Tang Jun
from Zhu Daihong and Cheng Li
we know Caltech, Los Angeles,
we know Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications

Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Sina, Youtube, and Apple,
some call Nagoya university "Ming Gu Wu" daxue,
we call it  Mo Guan Yuan..simply joking
I think that China shall look at Facebook, and Alibaba

I never predict Nielsen radio from Columbia,
Maryland has Annapolis, Columbia, and Frankford,
we know Hildegard Lamfrom, Tomonthy Lamfrom,
We know Marie Lamfrom, Gert Boyle, Neal Boyle, Paul Lamfrom

a realtor of Century 21, Houck Agency, and Fisher Provence could be fabulous,
get to know Barbara Houck, LeeAnn Cowan, Kendall Grindstaff, Kay Burns,
get to know Jill Beck, Nick Jackson, Susan Simon, Tommye Waltman,
we do use Beverly Carter, Jack Allred, Melissa Woods, and Beth Peterson

REMax is new,
Frontier is gold,
see the professional representation of homes, business building,
call Colt Ferguson, Tina Darr, Brooks Thomas, Audrey Bryant, Tiffany Aranda

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Image result for houck realtor 

Image result for houcky realtor 

Image result for houcky realtor  Beth Peterson

Image result for houcky realtor

Sunday, October 16, 2016

short story slam week 54, 55, fish and ghosts

fishing pole
Kingfisher fuel
Wyatt and Hillary
Hyatt and Virginia
a fishy word
a sweet dip
HMS and seashell pasta soup
Starbucks coffee and lots of Price Tower fame
Mary, Price, Patterson, Cushing
Harold, Ayn, Rand, Perkins, Oilton
we enjoy JB and Jim Dewey,
we support Williams and Jaco brew
if Bartlesville was 200 population in 1897,
then Yale and Sand Spring grow from 30 in 1650
Price Tower,
Woolaroc  museum and wildlife

by the end of the day,
I think of Jim Halligan and Benny Evans, thanks for the celebrate state cookies
Max Mart, SinClair, Paradise,
Cenex, McDonald's, Perkins

American and Delta air,
United and Cathay Pacific trips

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Image result for jb market  
Image result for max market  fuel stop 
Image result for Jim thorpe  
Image result for eva air                 

Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house  

Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house      Ma Yingjiu and Xi jingping
Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

short story slam week 53, and Reading outcomes


short story slam week 53, how stories and text content impact our mndset and knowledge bases (Sept. 15, 2016---October 2, 2016)

 Image result for mockingjay 
Image result for independence day
Image result for independence day 
Image result for independence day 

You come, I come,
They read, We read

Mocking Jay
Humanity, Refujee, and Indepences

July 4th
Labor day equavalence

My India, My Pride,
Her America, Her Fight

Elizabeth Banks, she is Harvard moon,
Elena Murphy, she is Northwestern sun

Indie Sharp, Popy Louise, Laura Hager,
Susan Forest, Amy Fowler, Wendy Bice,  they are small electronic device

what you read, is how you choose,
what I feed, is how I write

reading poetry is fabulus
reading nursery rhymes is way too satisfying

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

short story slam week 47, july 5th, a regret, a wish, and a reflection

water of mirror
reflection of relation

the fraternity way 2016, the council members
Ival Gregory, Abby Howard, Mason Strom, Carson Vineyard, Chance Imhoff

alpha tau omega,
dillow mitchell, braden duffel, saint jude children's research hospital

beta theta pi
link strickland, sam enidcott, the well's project

delta chi
Nick Melino, Hayden Baechle, Jimmy V. F.

delta kappa epsilon
Mitchell Meyer, Brody Consolino, suddenlink internet

delta tau delta
Zane wilson, kj leu, Juvenile Disbetes research fund

nicholas denker, blake gabriel, Translyvania Station

kappa alpha order
Brennon Fuser, Jackson Stoever, Crimson & Old Gold

kappa sigma
Travis McMorrough, Landen anderson, Big brothers & big sisters of stillwater

Lambda chi alpha chops
Quenton Clay, Tyler Cortinas, Salvation army

phi gamma delta fijis
Stephen Cochran, chase Holderman, Royal purple, Westwood school

phi kappa tau
Michael Beard, Andrew Davis, Harvest red and old gold

pi kappa alpha
Nelson Boshuizea, Austin Helt, garnett & gold

pi kappa phi
Dylan Gibson, Daniel Troxed, the ability experience, pi kapp

sigma alpha epsilon
Connor Strachan, Tyler Carson, united way fund

sigma chi
Connor Nybo, Weston Kuykendall, Huntsman research

sigma nu
Casey Kolbeck, Jay Skaggs, Christopher Reeves fund

sigma phi epsilon
Levi Close, T. J. saint John, sigeps

Sigma pi
Austin smith, John Skillestad, George wilson

sigma tau gamma
John Ivy, Zach Bradley, stillwater wondertorium, Nenak Zimonjic, Bob and mike Bryant

tau kappa epsilon
Keaton Coldren, Nawaf Alghamdi, Cherry & Gray tekes

theta chi
Thomas Lewis, Larry Thomas, Kyler Gilbert, Military Red & White

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Image result for fiji   
Image result for fiji  

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Image result for paige and amberly at state greek paige amberly

Image result for paige and amberly at state greek

 Image result for paige and amberly   sophia kittytowaun

Image result for paige and amberly 

Image result for paige and amberly 
  annabeck and  elsawynot