Friday, January 22, 2016

ABC Wednesday, B is for Blue Sea and San Juan Bay Bridge

Blue sea,
Blue Whale,
San Juan Bridge
San Francisco Fish

white clouds sail
angry waves boil
the restless water
sad news upsets

By Baywest Bathroom holder,
Lit' Foamy bubbles
San James tool hangs tight
Bristow check point charges two dollars

Bob the pastor
boasting Christian along Edmond Low lawn
bossing hundreds of students
Benjamin Franklin writes Law bills for Bank American


B is for Blue Sea, San Juan Bridge

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

short stroy slam week 36

whatever she says
she says it right,
to the point
and to the crowd---
a blue jay
is upset
when the woodpecker
about the crow

Baltimore street
hides famous footwear, 
both Nike, Adidas,
and Hanes, Sofsoul--
a graffiti paints
upside down people,
junkyards stay camouflaged
beside railroad tracks

dozens of birds
land on high voltage wires,
a musical note
in silent phrase---
the green vest
covers the x-ray
when the tiny girl rides
on magical carpet

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summer umbrella brigade...

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Black & White Wednesday ~ Winter