Saturday, February 6, 2016

short story slam week 38, on Vanguard University and Vanguard magazine

run by Valden Burns Hargis,
edited by Kenneth Sewell,
Vanguard magazine speaks of forceful language

Amber Anderson is a student researcher,
Chris Raun, Tom Lee Wu are plants and soil science lab workers

when Bee, Candi, Dana, and Abbey join David Henneberry,
some physics professors feel amazed by Wolfberry energy

Wolfberries, also called Goji or Coshiet plums,
they are small juicy tomatoes in oval shapes

Daniel Lin has fun with such trees and forests studies,
they amaze Awah Xie and Wouter Hoff, the parents of Shelley Hoffixe

As John Winters and Vishwa Kasoju do engineering lab,
Lydia Bunting, Jodi Jinks, Jeff Joiners group up for further noice

Christy Lang, Brittany Gilbertm,  and Julie Barnard write and co-own,
Kim Archer, James Hess, and Jacy Bradford decide to study crown

Gary Lawson, Ruibo Li,  and Jamie Hadwin dine at Cafe 88,
which makes Hilia Hope Conneywerdy walk in parade

Ok-OKC, Ok-Austin, Ok-Tulsa have branch office for undergraduate admission,
Mary Larson, Sean Kennedy, and Donald Stootts follow the lead doing background drill\

along with David Boren, Linda Neal, Patti Perkins, stand by the end of the boarder,
signing agreement with Ann Halligan, Janet Schmidly, and Kimberly Henry....


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