Thursday, March 3, 2016

short story slam week 40: on Janaki Bakhle, Nocholas Bernard Dirks, Steve Wozniak, and Clayton Snyder

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short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016)

  this is about a story on Janaki Bakhle, a close relative of Nicholas Bernard Dirks,
  residing city of Berkeley, California

 Janaki is a good girl, who grows up, never worrying about money, career, or friendship
she is apt and quick in understanding others, and she always attracts attention without
much efforts, and her parents feel much proud of her

when Janaki Bakhle lives in New York city, she plays Violin, and often performs at
Carnegie Hall, Paris, Dallas, and one of those fans appears extraordinary, and he is 
Nicholas Bernard Dirks, their eye contacts instantly send both man and woman into
red hot place.

it is impossible for a woman to ask for a date, a friend from new york city notices their
connection, and arranges a Happy New Year party at Time Square, including both
Janakl Bakhle and Nicholas Bernard Dirks, and when they hold hands without intention,
with new year of 1993 clock ticking, things go dramatic.

As soon as they get married, they changed their home from new york to Ann Arbor, 
the woman is well respected, and the man is very disciplined, they enjoy their relatives,
and before they make themselves permanent resident at Berkeley, California, we bought 
homes at Great Barrington, Ma, Mill River, Ma, and Minneapolis, MI

today, we celebrate a love, a relation, and a family with those who agree, and with these two 
bright people who opt to support humanity from all level of folks,

their gesture represents American dreams, a dream that blooms, and a dream that may impact
our younger generations.

we mention others who agree, thus, please nod your head to Janaki Bakhle, and give Nicholas
Dirks, and University of California, Berkeley our hot waves of appreciations

great big thanks go to Curt Sharp, Burns Hargis, Jerry Brown, Alan Dirks, Shane Dirks, 
Jessica Lennartson, Cameron Dirks, Brittney Dimond, Alicia Dirks, Perry Dirks, 
Rebecca Dirks, Taylor Dirks, Chris Pine, John Cho, Gregory Peck, Steve Wozniak,
AAron Rodgers, Robert Noyce, Ken Hansen, Jack Ma, John Evans, Eskind Biomedical,
Clarence Stinson, Hope Solo, Reggie Nichols, Dale Chihuly, Nate Robinson, Rosanne Cash,
James Lawson, Robert Penn Warren, William Moerner, Peter Sarsgard, Martha Minow

do visit Soda Hall, walk around Ridge road, cyclotron road, le conte avenue, osford university,
walnut road, francisco street, delaware road, hearst avenue, berkeley way, shattuck avenue, 
western road, sherwood road, wilkie road, south august road, yale road, memorial road, nicholas road, janaki road, snyder road,