Wednesday, May 25, 2016

lovely pals and distant relations

 The Frog Music At Far East Salt Well
the book link is here

i have gone fishing today
I feel good about my car and my Star Bucks coffee

biglots, pioneer square, perkins road,
food pyramid, nother main, Melissa H and Lacey Luo

Main Street Noodle, Caden Stillwater,
Walgreen, Nice Water Bottles, Shell fuel, Dana Anthony

TAJ Cuisine India,  Sundar Pichai and Anjalichen Gilbert,
Shantha Lowes serve well

Homeland Fuel, Robinson, Norman,
Jack in the Box, Courtney, Hall of Fame

WhatABurger, Frontage Road, Edmond,
Joseph Kingery, Frank Wang, Sue Dick, Amy Loper, Alan Moore, Nium Luu, Joseph Mondalek

STW Beverege Mart & Red Rock West Deli,
Valero gas, Sixth Street, cross the road from Daylight Donuts, and Jimmy's Eggs

Mardel Christian & Education,
Ruth's bookstore, Staples, Lowes, Kum & Go, Olive Garden, Texas Road House, Panda Express

Subway, Aspen, Petcos, Run With It, Tuesday Morning, Judy Rao, Glecia Pweng,
Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Lane Bryant, Carmike Cinema, Ebassy hotel and John Hammons,

the Jungle Book 3D and Star Wars 3d, they rock,
think of Lori Wang, Sammy Wong, Peterson Shuai, Jin E Shuai, Steve Wang, Cat Chan, Bob Zhu

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