Sunday, June 12, 2016

short story slam week 46, escape

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away from rome, berlin,
ok quartz mountain arts institute sings

with Emily Claude doing onstage weekend,
we promote students health with Thu Scott and Diane Fairchild

camping ground,
Jennifer Hilger and Joanna Hathaway install social media

Anne Peters, public relation speaker feels proud,
Carson Misner, program operator fits in

so, we always hear Julie Cohen and her warm kindness,
we look forward to seeing timothy long orchestra mozart

gnw/grets grocery, burns flat does well,
kwik & eze fuel at south glenn english road, Cordell, what a thrill

Pearces, 616 south 3rd street, Sentinel,
matching up with Pendletons, Foss, Ramtol

my first stop goes to Pilot, south Morgan street,
where okc bricktown and Hobart subway and Sunny's serve six-inch footlong

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