Sunday, October 16, 2016

short story slam week 54, 55, fish and ghosts

fishing pole
Kingfisher fuel
Wyatt and Hillary
Hyatt and Virginia
a fishy word
a sweet dip
HMS and seashell pasta soup
Starbucks coffee and lots of Price Tower fame
Mary, Price, Patterson, Cushing
Harold, Ayn, Rand, Perkins, Oilton
we enjoy JB and Jim Dewey,
we support Williams and Jaco brew
if Bartlesville was 200 population in 1897,
then Yale and Sand Spring grow from 30 in 1650
Price Tower,
Woolaroc  museum and wildlife

by the end of the day,
I think of Jim Halligan and Benny Evans, thanks for the celebrate state cookies
Max Mart, SinClair, Paradise,
Cenex, McDonald's, Perkins

American and Delta air,
United and Cathay Pacific trips

Image result for oilton  

Image result for jb market  
Image result for max market  fuel stop 
Image result for Jim thorpe  
Image result for eva air                 

Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house  

Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house      Ma Yingjiu and Xi jingping
Image result for ma yingjiu presidential house

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