Saturday, December 24, 2016

short story slam week 59, thoughts from Maryland

it seems like Melinda Mao has sweet time
with University of Washington, Seattle

when sister of John Chamber does her analysis,
we are reminded of Bing Ji, Judy Wang, Mark Zurkerberg

a small man could carry a big heart,
that is what we know about Ben FRancisco, Barron Trump, and Sid Hudson

big and foggy day here
my view is blurred by watery air

I snatch a piece of paper
and begin to scan on honor list

Bret Damilowiez, Mason Cole, Carol Bennett, Chris Shrock, Sundai Pichar,
Alison Wu, Willa Xie, Charles Zhang, Pedro Lozano De Aos, Joseph Kingery

some voice rise from West Virginia
I love to see Theresa Burke and Emily Dial grow favor to David Bowie and Ava Cherry

so, Maddyson Allgood, Andrew Aslip. Scott Watson, Kathy Wilson fight for a spot,
how about sitting near Saint Louis Arch, watching the sky tower drawing a dot?

Samrufz Hillford is strong,
so does Gabe Mugroofsz....

Nadia Sirajuddin, Yaseen Shurbaji, Tresten Pope, Rynel Luo, and Tom L Wu fly west,
the carbin of Wisdom Vacuum closes its eyes

never blame George Bush, Ivana Huang, Victor Page, Qun E Yang, or Gong Xiao,
don't seek extra energy with Tang Jinjing, Dylan Huges, Connie Liu, Zhang Xuezhi

the noon arrives
the words refuse to vomit more smoke

I hope to see sunset alone
so that I am free from the arguments among

Hu Zhiwen, Liu Xifan, Wang Daxue, Cheng Changsheng, Zhang Zhongbing, Yin Bing,
some of them rise higher to know Fu Zhixiong, Zhu Qun E, Dai Wangbing, and Feng Shui E

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