Monday, April 24, 2017

poetry rally week 84, wild flowers, beautiful cooking

Thursday Poets Rally Week 84 speical, 30 poems in 30 days April nutrition/Wellness/freedom/openheart/illistration March (read, post, share and laugh

Terriyaki and white rice in a big bowl,
Denver option competes with Spokane donuts
Quizino's chicken sub is good

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freshen from WSU
Tian Gang, Tao Lizheng, and wu Jiahong, WSU

fazel hadadifard, and peter constantin 

Smith Center math faculty


 Dani Gonzalee, Chandele Harding, Eliza Reichner, and Megan Fertakis work for Eskimo joe chain food,
Ellie Carlson, Yuan Pei, and Abbey Wood joined the party, and Larry Page, Vicker Jendrickson passed their newspaper


Friday, April 7, 2017

short story slam week 66, a to z and moore

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Frank Shengbutow and Lori Swanton
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Image result for philip ridley        philip ridley
Image result for george berry    George Berry
Image result for James Wise    James Wise

A bookmark is made
due to a easy mark craftman
we work on a to z,
singing orchestra music to those who have finland and germany thoughts

A is for Amazon, Alibaba, Apple Inc., Aimeer, Ava and Bowie, Abbey Wood, Ari Wood,
B is for Barclay, BancFirst, Bradford plaza, Boston College, bluebell books twitter club, bb blair,
C is for Colvin center, Coke Zero, Conyers of Georgia, China Wok, Christy's, Collinsville,
D is for Detroit, Denver Mint, Dallas-Fort Worth, DreeeBarn, Derby's, Dillon's, Dot Dot Green,
E is for Eastman, Eagle, Eric Trump, Eddie Cabbage, Elizabeth's,
F is Finland, Fowler museum, Ford Motor Inc, Ferdie Paul, Fittstown, Fay, Fredrick, feng shui e,
G is for Google, Golden Wu's, Great Wall dinner, Greenwood, Greece,
H is for Harbin, Hua Wei freezer, Huai River, Hengyang city, Hubei University, Huazhong Keji,
I is for Iris flower, Iraq peace, Italy, Iran mom Shida Henneberry, Irish green,
J is for Jing air, Jing opera, James Creek, Jingle Poetry, Jinya ramen, James Park, Jimmy Jones,
K is for Kaifeng hotel,  Kangxi king, Kunming keji university, Kong Ming wit, Krein, Krajicek, Kathleen, Kitty Kat candy bars,
L is for Logan county, Louise Art Museum, Larry's, Lawrence Yep novels, Luxi oil, liu ying,
M is for Matt's, Martha, Mayer's, Myer park, Mary's, Murphy USA, Murray's law office,
N is for Nick Nelson, North Pole (Polar ) bear, Nancy's, Norman Sam Noble museum, Noble    research,
O is for Oregon state university, Ohio wright state university, Ochs realtor, Oklahoma pristil pete,
P is for Patchin, Penguinn publisher, Panda express, Peri, Perth, Petit Jean park, Post office, Pichar,
Q is for Qing dynasty,  Qingming Yang, Qun E Yang, Qunzhi Yang, Qing Yan, Qi Qin, Queen Liz,
R is for Roger's, Rosella Boomer, Rick's, Robert Frost, Ruth's bookstore, Ramsey, Ram cars, Rayzor,
S is for Sherry Chapman, Sherman E. Smith, Sherwood, Shashi, Sheila Moore, Samson, San Jose,
T is for Timothy Long, Tulane University, Tulsa air port, Tokyo, Toronto, Taylor Swift, Taiyuan,
U is for Ullrich, Uwe Gordon, Uhaul, Uber, Utah mountain, UT at Austin,
V is for Verizon, Vaughn INn, Virginia tech college, Victoria university, Victory, Vutton,
W is for wulong tea, wurimuqi city, wangfujing street, wilson car dealer, wilcox frice dinner, wise city,
X is for Xi'An,  Xiangtan university, Xia Men university, Xie Xingchen, Xie Aihua, Xu Jianying, xi jingping,  xinjiang, xizhang peak, xiangyang city, xiushui street,
Y is for Yang Lan fangtan lu, Yang Ming truck, Yao Ming, Yalu river, Yandex, Yapian war, yanji city,
Z is for zhao xin, zhou xing e, zhang ping e, zhu cao, zhu daihong, zhu daifang, zhao chunfeng, zhao wei, zhao weidong, zhang jizhong, zhejiang university, zhujiang (pearl river),